Story 1

The Literacy Coalition of Chattanooga’s Program Improvement Story

Story 2

The Road to Program Improvement: Urban League of Hudson County
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Story 3

Bradley County's Improvement Story

Story 4

Union City Adult Learning Center Program Improvement Process

Story 5

Columbus Urban League: The Program Improvement Story











The EFF/UPS "Leadership for Community Literacy" Initiative

The purpose of The UPS Foundation-supported initiative was to strengthen and enhance the national leadership capacity of the Equipped for the Future (EFF) Center, and to expand the Center's services to a wider range of literacy and adult basic skills agencies.

The initiative was guided by the EFF Program Quality Model. During a parallel, four-phase intensive course of study, planning and implementation, the EFF Center and five local literacy agencies followed the process outlined in the EFF Handbook for Program Improvement and related program improvement processes for leadership enhancement and capacity building to accomplish specific program improvement goals.

These are the five local program participants' stories.