Additional On-Line Resources

The following resources are related to program leadership and improvement and/or adult basic literacy and education, and may be useful to readers seeking additional information in these areas. While these resources have not gone through the same rigorous screening process as those included in the special collection, they have been recognized by the collection developers as potentially useful resources for practitioners, learners, and administrators interested in program quality improvement.

AALPD Professional Development Registry

American Society for Quality

Board Cafe

Board Development, United Way of Canada

Board Source

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership

Community Partnerships for Adult Learning (C-PAL)

Fundamentals of Effective Board Involvement

Independent Sector

The Internet Nonprofit Center

Literacy USA

National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium(NAEPDC)

The National Center for Education Statistics – Adult Literacy and LIfeskills

National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy(NCSALL)

National Coalition for Literacy

National Reporting System for Adult Education

The Nonprofit Management Education Center, University of Wisconsin


Voice for Adult Literacy United Education(VALUE)





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